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Sell your house in ANY market!
November 9th, 2008 7:03 PM

Everybody knows that the market is tough right now. You’ve heard the news, seen all the “For-Sale” signs and listened to the so called "experts". I believe the slow market will continue into 2009, however houses sell in ANY market. If you are in a market where there are 100 houses per year that sell and sales drop drastically by 20%, it still means that 80 houses will still sell. So how to do you make sure your house is one of the 80 that sells compared to the 500+ that will be on the market…….. CREATIVE MARKETING

During the “Boom” it was possible to sell houses in Manchester, Bedford or any other New Hampshire town with a 3-point marketing plan…….. 1) Enter it into MLS, ) 3) Slap a sign in the ground and 3) Wait for the buyers!!!! Well…not anymore!!

The name of the game is Exposure and Appearance. These are the keys to making sure your house stands out from the other “Would be seller”.


If your house is not in top shape you won’t be able to get top dollar. There are so many homes on the market that buyers do not have to inconvenience themselves with homes that need “sprucing up”. If they do decide to make an offer on a house that needs work, they will discount their offer for MUCH more than the cost of repairs. So please, please, please FIX the items that are broken and make sure each room is freshly painted and flooring is neutral and appealing.

The second part of appearance is STAGING. A good friend of mine Karen Cormier tells her clients “You can sell your house the way you live in it” What she means is that sellers need to de-clutter, de-personal and stage their home to appeal to the widest range of people possible. In my real estate business, I surround myself with the best specialist and Karen is the best house stager I know. Karen is available for you if you seek staging advice


The more buyers you attract the better the chances to sell your house and at a higher price. So how do we attract buyers? We do it by making it very easy for them. According the National Association of REALTORS, 94% of buyers begin their search on the internet. Buyers can view listing on line in the privacy of their own home. I believe if they are “shopping” online, you ought to be able to show them the whole property. We do this by offering a very professional VISUAL TOUR which allows the buyer to view the interior and exterior home in great detail. VISUAL/VIRTUAL Tours used to be an exotic tool for REALTORS, but know it is necessary. Here is a link of an example of a Visual Tour courtesy of another good Realtor Friend of mine Judi Farr.  Click here her for Judy's Visual Tour.

Another creative way is by auction. Reserve Auctions in conjunction with Multiple Listing is becoming increasingly popular and creates great exposure. It is a great benefit for someone who needs a contract on their home within 21 days. Imagine having the power of multiple listing combined with the benefits of an auction. It is the “double shot gun” apprpoach. Interestingly, I have a program that I will unveil in December that will combine the best of both worlds (MLS & Auctions). If you are interesting in obtaining a preview of our auction program, feel free to email me @ jacklavoie@comcast.net. New Hampshire Real Estate Auctions

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