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Going Back to School
November 13th, 2008 10:35 PM

Yes, that is right… I Jack Lavoie, 20+ year real estate veteran am going back to school….. Auctioneer School that is! Lol

For eight consecutive days (from 8am to 8pm) I will be learning all aspects of the auctioneering business from the Yankee School of Auctioneering. I am a believer in creative marketing and feel that many properties could benefit from an auction. I am looking forward to assisting my clients by offering real estate auction services combined with my appraisal and brokerage services beginning in December.

Picture this scenario…. You are being transferred and need a buyer for your home within 30 days. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have the traditional exposure of Multiple Listing Service combined with quick sale excitement of an auction? When I say auction, I don’t mean exposing your property to a situation where someone can buy it for 10 cents on the dollar. I mean selling the house with a “Reserve”. That means that YOU, the seller, set a minimum sales price. A private auction is not like a bank/foreclosure auctions where the bids are “low balls” since the buyers usually can’t even look at the property, never mind inspect it. With a seller (not a bank) auction, we set a day or weekend when prospective buyers can take a complete look at the home. We stage the house to appeal to a wide range of buyers and even have a pre-auction home inspection. Imagine having an mortgage professional at the pre-auction showings to pre-qualify prospects! Do you think the offers might be higher if the buyer’s can fully “kick the tires” and have access to a professional inspection?........Absolutely!!!!

Investors… your carrying cost will kill you when you are flipping a house. You can’t afford to carry the house for months. Why not rehab the house…..and when it’s finished list the property AND schedule an auction out 14 days. Only 14 days of marketing with save you THOUSANDS of dollars and allow you to move onto your next deal.

Well, the 2nd half of the Patriots game is about to start… so to paraphrase auctioneer speak………I’m going once…..going twice……GONE!!!!!! (until my next blog post…lol)

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